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Recent Blizzard in the Himalayas: News Update

Hey family and friends,

Obviously, I’m still alive (I’m posting this after all). My deepest sympathies go out to the people who have died on the mountain including the 4 Canadians, and to those who are still missing. Apparently the Canadian embassy has not released the names of people yet, but fear not I am clearly not on that list. People have been contacting me to make sure I’m not on my trek yet, so I thought this would be the fasted way to reply to everyone.

The news articles say that over 20 have died now and more are still missing. People at my volunteer organization were also warning me about the recent news. It’s been a kind of scary morning trying to decide what I should do, moving forward.

As far as I know, there was a cyclone in India this week. Kathmandu was hit hard with rain; more rain than I ever remember seeing, even in my childhood! This caused a blizzard to affect the Annapurna Circuit. This is the western point of the Himalayas and Everest Base Camp (EBC) is in the eastern part, farthest from India (a thanks to Prajana for explaining this to me haha). My volunteer manager also explained that by November 1st the weather should settle down.

I called GAdventures who is the company that is taking me on the trek in a couple of weeks. Apparently it has not affected EBC at all, and all of the tour operators on the mountain have been accounted for with no injuries. The trips have not been cancelled and he assured me that everything will be ok.

I will monitor the weather over the next while, and continue to ask for updates on the mountain before I actually start the trek. Although there are risks in everything we do, I’m really not looking to die so I promise I will be safe. Love you mom 🙂

Until the next post,


P.S. For anyone who reads anything about an avalanche on Everest, just take note that it’s the media trying to bring up the April 2014 avalanche, and that was for trekkers climbing the entire mountain, not the base camp.

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