Monkey Business in Pashupatinath Nepal

While visiting the Pashupatinath Temple (the most sacred and internationally renown Nepali Hindu shrine) I was COMPLETELY distracted by all of the monkeys, although I really should not have been because of the beautiful shrines everywhere. This was probably the first moment on my trip when I enviously looked at all of the fancy cameras around me and wished that I had bought one myself. Before posting about the trip, I needed to just share this on its own because it just makes me so happy to look at. Enjoy!


Nepal Photojournal-29

Story: One of the first that I took of a baby monkey. The blur is because it charged right at my camera in an attempt to steal it from my hands. Sorry pal, I was quicker but nice try.

Nepal Photojournal-44  Nepal Photojournal-37

Nepal Photojournal-36

Nepal Photojournal-35

Nepal Photojournal-45    Nepal Photojournal-32  Nepal Photojournal-34

Nepal Photojournal-30

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